cold weather skin tips

As much as I love winter/colder weather (well… as cold as we can get in Southern CA) for my wardrobe, I’m not a fan of how dry my skin gets.

From Jan to March, my skin needs extra TLC and that means hydrating. Adding extra moisture and hydration to your skin during winter months is everything. 

I’m a huge fan of facial steaming. Even in high school, before I had seen an actual machine, I would always put hot water in a bowl and hold my face over it with a towel before masking. The machine is definitely easier. Steaming opens up your pores to help your mask and skincare overall to be as effective as possible. It also helps add an extra level of hydration and promotes blood circulation. Mine is from Amazon but I’ve heard really great things about this one too!
*make sure you only steam 3-4x a week- not daily.

I try to steam about every other day before bed. I’ll also mask once a week to every two weeks. Lately I’ve been loving this mask from Generation Clay. I’ve also heard a lot of rave reviews about Summer Fridays and it’s on my list to try. Some weeks I’ll also switch it up with some sheet masks. I like to use my facial roller over the sheet masks to really help push that extra moisture and goodness into my skin. 

Some other MVP products that are musts:

  • Rose Water Mist:  I’m constantly spritzing during dry months. I use it at night before bed and in the morning before I start my makeup routine. My favorites are this one and this one. 
  • Moisturizer: An obvious one, but make sure you’re using one that really soaks into the skin. This one from Glow Recipe has done wonders for my dryness and texture.
  • Hydrate!!: Another one that goes without saying but is so incredibly important. Good skin comes from within, so in addition to eating healthy, up your water intake! It seriously makes such a big difference. Carry around a LARGE reusable water bottle and set a goal to finish it before the end of the day.

How do you keep your skin healthy and glowing during the colder months?

xo, melissa

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