6 month recap

Our little man is six months old. 

S I X.

I know it’s not as big a deal as him turning a year but honestly I can’t believe how fast these months have flown and even the fact that we have a six month old baby still feels crazy to me.

We’re still constantly learning- about ourselves, about him, parenthood, etc. The first few weeks/months went felt like time was moving in slow motion and now suddenly it’s all speeding up. 

I have to say, this age is definitely my favorite so far. I’m sure I’ll say that 100 more times as he grows and changes, but I’m really loving it. He’s gotten so strong and his personality is shining! 

Like every pregnant woman and new parent ever, I’ve been buried in research and overloaded with advice since the minute we started telling people. Most of it has been really helpful, and we’ve come up with our own along the way. 

Today I’m sharing a realistic recap of the first six months of first time parenthood- what our experience has been, tips, etc.


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