Nespresso Coffee Bar!

Good morning!

I always get a lot of questions on my coffee bar setup and coffee maker in general. The coffee bar is one of my favorite parts of our house. Not only because it holds my morning necessity but because it’s just such a fun space to decorate.

First, let’s talk about my Nespresso. This thing is a GAME changer. We bought one back in September for my mother-in-law and I was surprised how easy it was to use. My dad is really into coffee as a hobby and he has a huge espresso machine in his kitchen that is way too many steps for my morning routine. I assumed the Nespresso was the same but it’s literally like a high quality Keurig. Just pop in your pod and boom-the best at-home cafecito!

 I snagged my Nespresso and the milk frother on a killer Black Friday bundle deal from Macy’s. I highly recommend getting a bundle or just buying both because without the milk frother, I don’t think you really get the full experience. I have the VertuoPlus machine. It’s also the machine that comes in “Matte Black” which just looks so chic ;) The Nespresso is available at a handful of places but Bed, Bath and Beyond has a good deal on the bundle I snagged (in a different material).

I pop my pod in and then usually do 1:1 ratio of my milk and creamer since I need some flavor/sweetness to my coffee. I’ve used regular 2% milk with creamer and also oat milk and oat milk creamer. They both froth really well and taste delicious. Some of my favorite pods are the Double Espresso Scuro, Caramelizo, Bianco Leggero and Elvazio. Let me know your faves if you have a machine! 

The machine can be pricey and so can the pods, but if you drink coffee everyday- especially if you’re hitting Starbucks- it’s SO worth it. The coffee is amazing and so easy to make at home. I swear you’ll never be able to go back to any other coffee machine. I feel like a barista every morning!

So now to the coffee bar! I get so many DMs with questions and compliments whenever I post my coffee bar. It’s such a fun space and I love to decorate it seasonally. 

This is the table I used. It’s from Target and it’s a perfect size for all my supplies and decor. Mine is in the shade Espresso.  

I also found this capsule carousel on Amazon. I really like the drawer holders too but the carousel displays so nicely and adds some height to that side of the table. I order my capsules online through the Nespresso app or if I’m in the area, the physical store in La Jolla. If you ever get the chance to go to one of their stores, I recommend it! You can taste different pods and they have a ton of accessories and flavors. 

Like I said, this is such a fun space to decorate! I usually snag my pieces from Target, Home Goods or even the Dollar Store. The sign is no longer available but it was in the dollar section at Target in the fall and the bunny is also from Target. 

 If you want to see some inspo pics of past decorating themes, let me know below! 

xo, M

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