subtle halloween decor

happy october 1!
the start of ~spooky season~
the start of the best 3 months of the year

literally the best. if only it would cool down here in California…

anyways, I am so excited to get into the next few months. this year has been a hot mess but I am determined to enjoy the end of it as best as I can with family and friends.

and that means decorating as usual for one!

“Boo!” doormat/ Amazon | 3D Bats/Amazon | Pumpkin Stack/ Home Depot | Black Gauze/ Target | Life Size Skeleton/ Target | Skull Ceramic Jar/Target | Fright Sign/Williams Sonoma

I love to do holiday decor around the house but in a way that feels and looks stylish and simple. Too much decoration or cheesy pieces can feel overwhelming and start to look messy after awhile so I try to keep our decor matching the style and color of the house as well as practical. we do have an adventurous little baby who grabs at absolutely everything, so we are definitely being mindful of that too.

As you can tell, our house is primarily black/white/gray neutrals with a little blue thrown in. These pieces are so chic and fun and would be perfect Halloween decor.

I know orange is a classic Halloween color, but I tend to stick more towards the black and white color scheme. My favorite places to go are the ones linked but also a HUGE fan of HomeGoods for absolutely everything. That’s always my first stop for every holiday or decor project and I am so glad our local one is finally open.

Carl and I actually just put up those 3D bats linked from Amazon and I’m obsessed with them! They give you a ton- I was even able to put some up in my classroom. I have a black skull similar to the white jar one linked here that I snagged from Home Goods that I am putting my coffee pods in for the month. We didn’t get a life size skeleton due to our aforementioned wild child who would surely destroy it, but I’m dying to get one in the future to put in some fun poses!

Do you decorate for Halloween?


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